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Android Version

Version 1.2.18 (June 15, 2014)

NOTE: PractiScore runs on Android 2.1 and newer.

Click the logo of your preferred appstore to download onto your device:

Or install on your Android device via side-loading by downloading the installation APK:

(you may need to permit “non market apps”.)

iOS (Apple)

Version 1.651 (August 10, 2014)

iOS 5 support working again.

Fix for bug that causes a crash when syncing after a walk-on shooter is added and scored.

Improved buttons and layout in scoring and review screens. 

Bigger Shooter/Stage readout on score and review screens to help avoid wrong score entries. 

Accordion layout on SCSA score screen. 

Fixed crash caused by process not closing when device sleeps. 

Validating shooter names and numbers in the shooter edit screen. This should help clear out all those all-caps names in your shooter suggestions history as well as all those USPSA numbers with spaces and dashes. 

When downloading registration from the last used penalties for the given match type will be selected.

Here is the link in the App Store for it:

PractiScore Exporter

The PractiScore Team has released PractiScore exporter V1.0.1. This windows only software will allow you to export EzWinScore data from the device (iOS and Android) to C:/Practiscore. The methods that are provided are an auto-detect that will detect your device from the same network. The other option is to enter the sync code found on the device.

Update – iOS 1.641 in App Store

Issue fixed. Practiscore 1.641 fixed the following issue. In an attempt to reduce errors in activity reports for USPSA, I added some input checking on the classifier codes during stage building. I made the keypad numbers only which has no dash on iPhone and iPod. This issue has been corrected and a version submitted to […]

Practiscore iOS 1.64 Released

New Time Plus Custom scoring module. Built to enable NSSF Rimfire Challenge match scoring.The former IDPA reports are back along with the new reports added in the last version. Stage reports on the device for time based scores are now ordered by rank (time). New, more complete, shooter classification update for USPSA. Now validating USPSA […]